About TELE

Marketing Manager

Number of people: 1

Age: 25-40 years old

Working years: more than 2 years

Education: College or above

Language: Mandarin English

Function: Marketing/Marketing/Development Manager

Salary: Negotiable

Working place: Longgang District, Shenzhen

Requirements: 1. Be responsible for formulating market policies and company publicity plans according to the company's development plan.
2, the leadership to carry out market research and market forecast/planning, market development work.
3, according to market changes at any time to adjust the promotion strategy and tactics, and cooperate with the sales implementation.

4. Manage, supervise and control the use of the company's market funds.

5, have a strong market awareness, keen to grasp the market dynamics, the ability to market direction.

6. Environmental awareness and love of environmental protection is preferred.