Some Knowledge Points of Electric Vehicle Recycling

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2021-04-21 11:30

New Energy Vehicles Popularized in ChinaFor more than 10 years, buses, taxis and other operating vehicles that entered the market in the early stage have reached the compulsory scrapping period. Due to the degradation of power battery performance and the high cost of replacing power batteries, some private users have enteredElectric Vehicle RecyclingEarly.

With the development of new energy vehicles in China's market promotion gradually through the deepening and the number of new energy vehicle companies continue to increase, new energy vehicle technology gradually began to enter the economic batch scrap management stage. FromFrom 2017 to 2018, no more than 500 new energy vehicles will be scrapped and recycled each year. Since 2019, the number of NEV products with end-of-life and recycling certificates can increase significantly, exceeding the total number of end-of-life vehicles in the previous two years. The analysis of the results of the survey shows that the corporate culture of recycling and dismantling is controlled.Electric Vehicle RecyclingThe main includes retired vehicles from legal entities.

Based on the scale trend of the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in China, combined with the characteristics of new energy vehicle scrapping, the theoretical scrap amount of new energy vehicles in China is predicted.

FromElectric Vehicle RecyclingSystemically, the number of recycling and dismantling enterprises in China is gradually increasing. As of now, there are732 companies are qualified for car tail recycling and dismantling, mainly concentrated in Hunan, Fujian, Sichuan, Henan and other areas with a large number of motor vehicles. Compared with the number of retired traditional fuel vehicles, the decommissioning scale of electric vehicles is still small, and most recycling and dismantling enterprises still focus on recycling and dismantling traditional fuel vehicles, accumulating relevant technical equipment layout.

In general, our countryElectric Vehicle RecyclingThe research of dismantling technology is still in its infancy, the dismantling technology of electric vehicles has not been promoted in the whole industry, and the number of domestic enterprises that can be completely dismantled is very small.

However, the technologically advanced corporate culture is actively working to carry out China's new energy vehicle dismantling businessElectric Vehicle RecyclingThe construction of the industrial chain as the starting point, forward-looking reserves of electric vehicle product recycling and dismantling capabilities, formed the ability to dismantle new energy vehicles in batches, and accumulated a lot of practical teaching experience in learning power battery dismantling facilities, equipment, technology, and personnel. Generally speaking, the industrial chain of recycling and dismantling of scrapped new energy vehicles has begun from qualified recycling and dismantling enterprises to modern enterprises with comprehensive development and utilization at the back end. And the traditional fuel vehicle recycling effective use of their own difference is how to carry out information security, environmental protection of the power battery dismantling and comprehensive service utilization.

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