Joint efforts-oil recovery will embark on the road of healthy development

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2021-04-27 10:50

Waste oil is a hazardous waste marked by the state, which refers to the waste lubricating oil replaced from various vehicles, machines and ships. According to the relevant laws and regulations of the State, it is prohibited to engage in the collection, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes without a business license.Oil recoverybusiness activities.

After the lubricating oil is used for a period of time, the lubrication effect is greatly reduced, because the accumulated impurities will affect the use effect, so it must be replaced regularly. The amount of waste oil replaced every year in China accounts for about the total amount of lubricating oil.30% to 40%. These used engine oils contain 2% to 10% of metamorphic substances, and the remaining 90% to 98% are useful ingredients and can be reused. In 2014, China's total imported base oil reached 2.7 million tons, accounting for 32% of the total base oil. Therefore, the development of the oil recycling industry can alleviate China's dependence on foreign base oils. Oil recovery or refining is an environmental protection project that benefits the country and the people, which can reduce pollution and realize the recycling of resources. Relevant national policies have also given protection and support. At present, oil recovery enterprises are distributed in Northeast, North, East, Northwest and South China, and most of them have an annual production capacity of less than 100000 tons.

But inOil recoveryThere is a phenomenon in the industry that the regular army cannot beat the illegal guerrillas, especially in terms of raw materials.'Not having enough to eat '. Relevant people said that illegal processing enterprises have simple technology, low cost, low investment, poor facilities, and many indicators do not meet the standards. Some illegal processing sites seized more than half of the goods at a price of 100 to 200 yuan higher than the market price, causing the regular army to encounter a raw material crisis.

These illegal processing sites have great safety hazards and environmental hazards in the storage, production and use of raw materials, especially in the production process, most of them are indigenous oil refining, heavy metal waste residue, waste water, waste gas, etc.The "three wastes" are randomly landfilled and discharged, causing great environmental pollution. According to industry insiders, every ton of waste engine oil produced will cause nearly one million tons of groundwater pollution; the entry of unqualified products into the market will shorten the service life of motor vehicle engines and even cause cylinder explosion.

Although the state stipulates that waste oil sales units sign contracts with qualified waste oil recycling companies and also sign five lists filed by the waste and solid center, some auto repair shops and other units are profit-driven and only sell a small amount of waste oil to formal recycling and processing enterprises. Relevant experts said that cutting off the illegal processing channels of waste oil requires the joint efforts of all sectors of society to plug management loopholes from the source and establish a regulatory system covering all aspects of waste oil in order to track and inquire about its whereabouts. At the same time, the relevant departments should also step up their efforts to rectify, fully mobilize the supervision of the masses, and cut off the channels for dealing with violations of the law.  

It is estimated that upIn 2020, the demand for lubricants in the Chinese market will double. The waste oil regeneration project can not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also supplement the vacancy in the base oil market. Environmental protection will be the top priority of China's future economic development, soOil recoveryThe project is an extension of the circular economy and low-carbon economy policy advocated by the state. It is hoped that through our joint efforts, oil recovery will embark on the road of healthy development.


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