Waste oil recycling: waste oil recycling related knowledge

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2021-05-06 15:01

Waste oil recyclingUtilization process:Mold release agent for core masterbatchWaste oil water instant acid and alkali resistant transparent thickening powder wire drawing powder preservative essence pigment = release agent. Mold release agent using the core masterbatch, has the following main features:

1. Special functions

1. It can dissolve waste oil, engine oil, lubricating oil and other industrial grease with water in a few seconds.

2. Non-toxic solvent, alkaline, environmental protection, alkali resistance, hard water resistance.

2. Production ratio:

waste oil10% mold release agent core masterbatch 2% water 88% instant acid and alkali resistant transparent thickener powder 500g wire powder 80g pigment 1g preservative, fragrance amount = mold release agent, the ratio can be adjusted according to the needs of cost and quality.

3. Production process:

Waste oil recycling, first add the preservative to the water and stir, then add the release agent core masterbatch to the water and stir, soak for one hour and then stir evenly, then add the waste engine oil and flavor pigment to the water and stir, add the instant acid and alkali resistant transparent thickener powder and wire drawing powder to the water and stir for about half an hour.

Although our national lawWaste oil recyclingSales work units and qualified waste oil recycling companies sign labor contracts and also sign five lists filed by the waste and solid center. However, some auto repair shops and other units are profit-driven and only sell a small amount of waste oil to formal recycling and processing enterprises. Relevant research experts said that cutting off the illegal processing channels of waste oil requires the joint efforts of all sectors of society to plug the loopholes in the management system from the source and establish a regulatory system covering all important links of waste oil in order to track and inquire about its whereabouts. At the same time, the relevant government departments of our country must continue to increase their rectification efforts, fully mobilize the supervision of the people, and cut off various channels for illegal handling.

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