Waste oil recycling: what is the price of waste oil recycling? What is the use of waste oil?

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2021-05-18 11:13

 Oil should be changed on time every year. Normal use of the car at least once a year to replace, each time to discharge nearly four liters of waste oil. These waste oil is useless or even harmful to our car owners, so they are basically handed over to the maintenance station.Waste oil recyclingProcessing. So where did the maintenance station get so much waste oil? What's the use of waste oil? How much can you sell?

We want to be clear, waste oil if discarded, it is easy to cause serious pollution to the environment. Once some heavy metals penetrate into the soil, they will not recover for a long time, and there will be no grass for decades, because waste engine oil is also engine oil and chemical reagents, and engine oil will pollute. The state classifies waste motor oil as hazardous waste for management. Those who dump or discard at will may be criminally detained for the crime of violating environmental pollution. So the maintenance station will not be randomly discarded.

currently on the marketWaste oil recyclingThe price is almost the same, the price mainly depends on the waste oil"Quality". If the waste oil is black, the price is generally3Yuan per kilogram. If the color of the waste oil is lighter, it means that the quality of the waste oil is higher, the use value is greater, and the recycling price is much higher.5Yuan per kilogram. So, what's the use of this waste oil?

In the past,Waste oil recyclingGenerally used as fuel, used in oil-fired boilers, is a cheap fuel. However, after the engine oil burns, it will produce a lot of harmful substances and pollute the air. So some improvements were made. Now the engine oil will be regenerated after recovery, and some of it may be processed and adjusted into inferior diesel and lubricating oil, which is also the main source of fake engine oil.

The reliable regeneration treatment method is to re-refine the waste oil into transparent base oil through dehydration, slag removal, distillation and other steps, and then add additives according to the standard to become qualified oil and put it on the market. This treatment method is good for waste oil"Home", but through this regenerative treatment methodWaste oil recyclingCan only be recycled20%of oil. I hope there is a better way in the future.

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