What is the use of waste oil after recycling?

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2021-07-15 15:07

Waste oil cannot be discarded at any time. I believe everyone knows this, otherwise it will seriously affect environmental pollution. Therefore, the recycling of waste oil is a very normal thing. A lot of people don't understandWaste oil recyclingWhat's the use of it in the future? Friends who want to know about this problem can now look down together with Xiaobian.

Waste oil recyclingIt can be used again in the future, and most people know it. However, I don't know what it will be used for after recycling. In fact, after recycling waste engine oil, low-end lubricating oil can be refined again, and industrial raw materials such as asphalt can also be refined. However, it is difficult for everyone to distinguish the true from the false lubricating oil extracted. The easier way is to smell and look at the oil. If the smell of normal gasoline is very mild, if there is a pungent smell, it may be recycled oil. And from its appearance, the real engine oil is transparent, free of impurities, suspended solids and sediments. Of course, if you find these situations, it is fake engine oil. Therefore, when buying, everyone should understand these basic characteristics in advance. Only in this way can you buy real oil, so the role of waste oil recovery is still relatively large.

I know.Waste oil recyclingIn addition to the usefulness of, let's look at some other knowledge points. In fact, waste oil recycling after its waste oil is how to extract diesel? Because there are always people on the Internet to consult this problem, so today here to do a detailed introduction. There are currently two methods for the regeneration and refining of waste engine oil. The first is to pump the waste oil into the reactor of the waste oil secondary refining machine, and then extract the base oil, gasoline, diesel, residual oil and other products after distillation purification. After removing the impurities in the engine oil by pickling, alkali washing, filtering, etc., these non-standard diesel fuels will be refined. Therefore, how to extract diesel oil after waste oil recovery is carried out according to these methods. In addition, there is another method: first pump the waste oil into the reaction kettle of the waste oil secondary refining machine, then crack the coil type heat transfer oil into oil and gas at the bottom of the reaction kettle and in the reaction kettle. After multiple catalysis, multi-layer packing is placed, and catalysts with different functions are placed in the packing. Through decolorization, the catalyst enters the condensation system after passing through Cuihua and then condenses into diesel oil. Both of these methods are currently more common.

AboutWaste oil recyclingThe use of the future is introduced here by the editor today. Some friends who don't understand can understand it well and know it when they encounter this kind of problem in the future. In the content, we also told users how waste engine oil is extracted into diesel oil, as friends who know the answer to this question will master it today. I hope this information can help those in need.

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