What technology is used for lithium battery recycling?

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2021-08-17 11:27

Lithium battery recyclingWhat technology is used?

In order to safely dispose of the waste batteries recovered from the lithium ion batteries, the waste lithium batteries are discharged before the pretreatment to keep the waste lithium batteries in a safe state. The pretreatment process mainly includes physical methods and breaking lines(Mechanical splitting of battery shell, damaged electrode materials, classification of damaged materials, etc.).

In the wasteLithium battery recyclingDuring the secondary treatment, the electrode material is actually dissolved.-Leached out for processing. The pretreated electrode material is dissolved into an acid-base solution, and the metal ions in the material are reduced to corresponding inorganic salts, such as metals or oxides and chlorides, which is the core of the entire process system.

The future of wasteLithium battery recyclingTechnology research will be carried out in the direction of reducing costs, reducing secondary pollution, increasing the types of recycled materials, and improving the recovery rate. At the same time, the application of new methods of low energy and low pollution biological metallurgy in the recovery process of lithium batteries will also become a point of research and development in the future.

Lithium battery recyclingWhat are the types?

Lithium battery recyclingThe use of protecting our environment from heavy metals in waste batteries, saving waste of resources, and rational recycling is the development direction that should be respected in today's society. But not much is known about the various batteries. The following describes the total category of batteries and applications, as well as the matters we need to pay attention.

First, lithium batteries are divided into lithium cobalt oxide materials, ternary materials, lithium manganese materials, lithium iron phosphate materials, etc. Nickel batteries are divided into nickel-hydrogen batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-zinc batteries, etc. Lead-acid batteries are not distinguished in materials, and disposable batteries are divided into alkaline batteries and carbon batteries. Various functional mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries, flashlight batteries, digital product batteries, electric vehicle power batteries, mobile power supplies, etc., nickel batteries are divided into digital product batteries from use, and lead-acid batteries are mainly used for automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, diesel engines, etc. Start and lighting. 

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