Lithium battery recycling: What technology is used for lithium battery recycling?

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2021-09-29 11:03

 Previously, the publicLithium battery recyclingand treatment of great interest, but mercury, a toxic heavy metal, could not be avoided in almost all discussions at the time. Because, according to the production process at the time, whether it is to delay the corrosion of zinc in the battery, extend the battery life, or prevent the electrolyte carrier from deteriorating, a certain amount of mercury needs to be added to the battery during production, and the recycled waste battery needs to be returned.

    FromSince 2006, the domestic ban on the sale of mercury content is greater than 0.0001 of the battery weight of alkaline zinc manganese batteries, the basic realization of battery production and sales of "anhydrous mercury".Battery life is generally only1 to 2 years, so now on the market sales and flow, the battery production of formal enterprises are basically "zero mercury battery". According to the current regulations of relevant departments, the battery has been "mercurized", and the harm of toxic heavy metals in the battery has been removed from the perspective of environmental science, and it can be landfilled with other domestic waste without further treatment.

    In order to make better use of waste batteries, the relevant departments of the state are urged to change the current way of battery mixing in domestic waste treatment and establish a complete waste battery recycling management mechanism. The distribution of waste batteries is decentralized. If you want to concentrate the waste batteries in the hands of users In the production base, it is necessary to establish a complete battery recycling management mechanism. To guide consumers to send the battery to the designated place, rather than throw away the battery, and ensure thatLithium battery recycling.

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