Lithium battery recycling technology

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2021-10-12 14:24

In order to safely dispose of the waste batteries recovered from the lithium ion batteries, the waste lithium batteries are discharged before the pretreatment to keep the waste lithium batteries in a safe state. The pretreatment process mainly includes physical methods and breaking lines(Mechanical splitting of battery shell, damaged electrode materials, classification of damaged materials, etc.).

  In the wasteLithium battery recyclingDuring the secondary treatment, the electrode material is actually dissolved.-Leached out for processing. The pretreated electrode material is dissolved into an acid-base solution, and the metal ions in the material are reduced to corresponding inorganic salts, such as metals or oxides and chlorides, which is the core of the entire process system.


Previously, the publicLithium battery recyclingand treatment of great interest, but mercury, a toxic heavy metal, could not be avoided in almost all discussions at the time. Because, according to the production process at the time, whether it is to delay the corrosion of zinc in the battery, extend the battery life, or prevent the electrolyte carrier from deteriorating, a certain amount of mercury needs to be added to the battery during production, and the recycled waste battery needs to be returned.


In order to make better use of waste batteries, the relevant departments of the state are urged to change the current way of battery mixing in domestic waste treatment and establish a complete waste battery recycling management mechanism. The distribution of waste batteries is decentralized. If you want to concentrate the waste batteries in the hands of users In the production base, it is necessary to establish a complete battery recycling management mechanism. To guide consumers to send the battery to the designated place, rather than throw away the battery, and ensure that Lithium battery recycling.

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