How to recycle lithium batteries?

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2021-10-26 16:41

How to proceedRecycled lithium batteries?

Dismantling recovery is also the main method at present, generally including wet recovery, dry recovery and biological recovery, of which wet recovery is used more and more commercialized. The improvement of raw materials for lithium-ion batteries and the recycling of used batteries to obtain reusable materials are important ways for manufacturers to reduce costs.


Lithium battery recyclingCascaded utilization is to use the original high-performance lithium-ion battery as the energy storage battery, but the recovery cost of high-performance lithium-ion battery is higher than that of ordinary batteries, and the battery consistency is high. This method is being tested and is not yet perfect. Lithium-ion battery recycling equipment mainly adopts physical recycling methods, supplemented by three waste treatment measures, with green, low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, no secondary pollution and so on. The whole recovery process realizes industrial automation, high recovery efficiency and strong processing capacity, and the recovery rate of valuable components of used lithium-ion batteries after being treated by lithium-ion battery separation and recovery equipment is inMore than 99%.


Lithium battery recyclingUnder vacuum conditions, the battery is sent to an electrolyte collection device that maintains the dew point; the puncture hole on the battery is pierced by a needle to form a drain hole, and the electrolyte in the battery flows out of the drain hole and directly enters the electrolyte collection pool; the electrolyte flows out naturallyAfter 30-60 min, the electrolyte in the electrolyte collection pool is added into a nitrogen-protected reactor, and then a barium oxide ethanol solution with a concentration of 30-50% is added to recover lithium fluoride for recycling.


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