Some relevant information of new energy used car recycling?

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2022-08-02 13:44

Nowadays, the market prospect of second-hand cars is still very good, which makes many people choose it under such circumstances. Below for everyone to introduce some relevant information under the new energy used car recycling. Hope to bring good help to the relevant people.

When recycling new energy used cars, we must first find a good company. Of course, must also comply with the provisions of the recycling enterprises will be sent to the disintegration of vehicles. Therefore, what we need to know at this time is that the recycling enterprise will disassemble the vehicle and take photos after inspection. So at this time, it is recommended that everyone also requires the engine to be separated from the vehicle, and what you need to know here is that the cylinder block of its engine should be broken and the frame (chassis) should be cut. Of course, in the new energy used car recycling when we also need to understand the basic information is what is the process of scrapped cars? Also must meet the scrap standard or although not meet the scrap standard, but you need to understand is its engine or chassis serious damage to apply for scrap renewal of the car owner to fill in a copy, of course, in the process of stamping the owner's seal is also to go to understand. Moreover, it is registering and examining the application, and issuing it to vehicles that have reached the age of scrapping. For motor vehicles that have not reached the age of scrapping, after checking and confirming the vehicle, such a case is completely in line with the car scrapping standard.

In addition, when choosing new energy used cars for recycling, we also need to know that the current car collection is 82/50rmb, and its annual rent is only 1000 yuan/time (20 yuan per unit on average). Therefore, the cost of recycling new energy used cars should be understood in advance. And its annual management fee is 1200 yuan. 3000 yuan (80 yuan per unit on average) is required for formal transfer. If you master these, you can know what to look. Of course, in addition, there are still some second-hand car dealers selling cars, and what needs to be mastered is that some second-hand car dealers do not need to worry about the high cost. Therefore, the owner should carefully check the vehicle and first determine the price of the transferred used car. It happens that our company specializes in recycling and technology research and development of waste lithium ion batteries, waste electric vehicle batteries, nickel batteries, disposable dry batteries, etc., and has a material production base in Shangrao, Jiangxi. If you need it, you can come here for on-the-spot investigation. Of course, our business types here include environmental protection technology consulting, recycling and disposal of battery technology; battery recycling types include nickel-cadmium and so on.

The content of the above article is a small series for everyone to introduce some relevant information about the recycling of new energy used cars. If you don't know before, you can read it. Well, that's all for today's knowledge point. I hope it can bring help to relevant people.

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