New energy second-hand car recycling what market?

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2022-09-01 13:05

New energy second-hand car recycling With the gradual increase in the sales of this new energy vehicle in recent years, this type of car is also constantly penetrating in the secondary market. For some people, some people think that the price is more cost-effective, cost-effective, of course, some people think that the battery loss of this second-hand car is relatively large, the risk of using the car is also relatively large, it is not recommended to buy, then this kind of car to sell to value?

Many people have such a question when buying a car, so for this reason, we went to the big market for on-site visits to see what this market looks like. Through a day's visit, we will find that second-hand cars are basically fuel vehicles. There are few new energy sources. Of course, some people think this is the future trend, and they have already transformed into these cars, of course, different people must think differently.

In this car repair standard, the service life and the number of kilometers traveled have relatively high requirements. If the number of kilometers exceeds 4~50000 in more than three years, the one below 300 is not accepted. Because the recycling and replacement cycle of new energy used cars is relatively short, many of them have not yet been opened, 50000 kilometers, and they have been sold. Among them, 1~30000 kilometers are easy to clinch a deal, 29% of them, and the service life is relatively short, so the market does not look very good, but it is OK.

For those worried about losing money, newer means less risk and easier to attract buyers. Therefore, there are some quasi-new cars in many places. The reason why new energy used car recycling will be sold is because some people are really difficult or want to sell, and it may also be because charging is not very convenient, so they regret it. Sell it. So during the inspection, we also have to go to a more critical place, such as the screws at the key positions of the ABC column and the paint surface, etc. If it is a plug-in hybrid type, we have to look at this engine.

New energy used car recycling but so far there is still no accurate assessment, so few people will think this is not worth the harvest. If there is a battery problem in the later period, the car dealer will not be responsible, because the manufacturer is generally responsible for the 8-year 120000-kilometer warranty of this tram.

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