The significance of power battery recycling

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2022-11-10 09:25

At present, there is no relevant management method for power battery recycling in China. A series of paid and unpaid local recycling activities, such as rewards, old-for-new, and public welfare recycling, have gradually weakened the newly established awareness of the hazards of waste batteries in the minds of citizens, and more citizens have been guided to commercial exchanges. This will be a pressure on my country's future implementation of commercial or public welfare recycling management. All of the above recycling activities will eventually return to a thorny problem, that is, the transportation, storage and disposal of waste batteries. As a toxic and hazardous waste, waste batteries should belong to the work of the environmental protection department, but they are mixed with urban solid waste and enter the sanitation department. Therefore, waste batteries have become a major problem for the environmental protection and sanitation departments.

Due to the late start of the research and development of power battery recycling technology in China, the public's awareness of environmental protection is not strong, and they know more about the hazards. Therefore, a series of problems such as small amount of recycling, no standard for transportation and storage restrict the development of recycling and treatment. To sum up, the systematic and scientific recycling of waste power batteries, such as 'government guidance, social participation, unified collection and transportation, and proper disposal', is the main problem now.

In people's daily lives, batteries have become an indispensable product. People can deal with it every day. Let's discuss it in depth!

A battery is a device that can directly convert various forms of energy such as chemical energy, internal energy, light energy, and atomic energy into electrical energy. As early as two hundred years ago, the Italian physicist Volta invented the Volta battery. It enables people to obtain a relatively stable and continuous current, which has epoch-making significance. Under the guidance of the principle and research and development of voltaic batteries, people have developed new batteries from generation to generation through continuous efforts. From commonly used dry batteries to new solar energy, lithium polymers and fuels. Not only has there been a great breakthrough in capacity, volume, and ease of use, but more importantly, in the process of these new types of research and development, people have a strong awareness of green environmental protection, and development is on a green road.

Treatment method of power battery recovery

At present, the treatment of power battery recycling in China is still in the stage of discussion and exploration in terms of proprietary technology, processing means, system, laws and regulations. Although some enterprises have carried out power battery recycling in the past, it is easy to cause new pollution due to improper disposal.

As for the small batteries, how much pollution "energy" they release is, people can't see, touch, smell, and can't measure. But for waste batteries, waste lamps contain mercury, zinc, manganese and other toxic and harmful heavy metals, has been recognized by many people.

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