Waste oil recycling manufacturers say how to deal with it?

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2022-11-21 13:12

With the rapid development of science and technology in the world, processing technology has become more and more familiar into people's field of vision, green manufacturing has been highly valued, and the manufacturing of waste oil recycling has also been upgraded to a new stage. So in the process of use, what are the treatment methods of waste oil by our waste oil recycling manufacturers?

Waste oil recycling manufacturers said that after the replacement of waste oil, due to its low economic value, has been in a "waste oil" state. People tend to pay less attention to small amounts of waste oil, dumping them in rivers, open spaces or trash cans. This method of painting causes significant pollution to the environment and wastes resources. Studies have shown that pouring a bucket (200L) of waste oil into water can pollute 3.5 square kilometers of water. What is more serious is that lubricating oil contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons such as 3,4-benzoxanthene (PAH) (mainly in mineral base oils), which have been confirmed to have a strong carcinogenic effect; chlorine-containing polycyclic aromatic compounds such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), etc., are also substances that have a strong toxic effect on humans; waste oil recycling manufacturers say that heavy metal salt additives and organic substances such as chlorine, sulfur and phosphorus extreme pressure antiwear agents contained in lubricating oil are harmful to human body. Substances harmful to the human body and organisms, these substances mixed with water may be harmful to human health through various channels.

Waste oil recycling manufacturers say that incineration is currently using waste oil as fuel is also a common treatment method. Many construction sites will burn the buildings by mixing waste oil with other construction waste that needs to be burned. These waste oils can produce good combustion-supporting effect. This treatment is also very harmful to the environment. Although repeatedly stopped, but many unscrupulous builders in order to save trouble, but secretly.

In recent years, waste oil recycling technology has begun to spread, and many large and small refineries have begun to appear on the market. They will personally go to the site to recover the waste oil and then transport it to the refinery to make the waste oil. After distillation, cooling, bleaching and other "refurbishment" methods to produce fuel oil, low-quality waste oil is the source of low-quality diesel oil, which is blended with the regular national standard oil according to the proportion of 1/3 or even 1/2. Good quality waste oil, waste oil recycling manufacturers say that after proper treatment, the removal of metamorphic components and foreign impurities and pollutants, become recycled lubricants, and then flow to the oil market through packaging. Although this method has always been a reasonable solution in all aspects, the production process and production methods of most small vendors cannot achieve precise control and strict requirements, and the quality of the oil produced is not up to standard. This is also the reason for the proliferation of various counterfeit motor oils on the market.

Our company's products can also meet these advantages. And what has been done in this respect is also in place. You still don't have to worry at all.

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