Waste oil recycling manufacturers say the role of waste oil?

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2022-12-12 14:08

Waste oil recycling we can see from its name that this product is used to do, this product is also after continuous improvement after more and more functions, in order to let more people familiar with it, the next waste oil recycling manufacturers to introduce some basic information about waste oil for everyone? If you want to know, then take a look at it together, hoping to help you.

Waste oil recycling manufacturers say that the so-called "waste oil" usually means that the oil is mixed with water, dust, other miscellaneous oil, or metal powder and other impurities produced by the wear of machine parts during use, causing the oil to change color, turn black, and increase in viscosity!

Waste oil recycling manufacturers say that, for example, the oil replaced during car maintenance and the lubricating oil used on the equipment are all waste oil. Waste oil can be refined into diesel, in fact, the recovered waste oil can be refined into diesel or gasoline after a series of treatments! The main process is to carry out dehydration and impurity removal, and then complete cracking under the action of catalyst and high temperature. The next step is acid-base refining and clay refining, followed by distillation to obtain the corresponding products for recycling. Although the cetane number of diesel oil extracted from waste oil can reach 40, due to its heavy fraction and strong smell, it generally needs deodorization to be used normally! At present, many chemical plants use waste engine oil as the raw material of release agent, and the production process is very simple! Waste oil recycling manufacturers said that only diesel oil, waste oil, vegetable oil, liquid paraffin, spices, preservatives can be mixed in a certain proportion.

Then stir well for 10-20 minutes until everything is well mixed and a release agent is complete. The release agent made by this method is especially suitable for the release between foam concrete and metal molds. It is currently widely used in the production of lightweight partition panels and non-steaming blocks! Waste oil recycling manufacturers said that waste oil can be directly used as a release agent. In fact, the waste oil can not only be used as the raw material of the release agent, but also can be used directly as a simple release agent.

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