New Energy Electric Vehicle Recycling Management Mode

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2022-12-30 09:58

New Energy Electric Vehicle Recycling Management Mode

Problems in Market Development

(I) management approach at the current policy level

The current standard management method is not clear about the responsibilities of enterprise registration, and the outflow of power batteries, key parts and components on new energy vehicles, is common. Most of the new energy vehicles received by the electric vehicle recycling and dismantling company have been disassembled and assembled, and there is a risk of recycling and using them in illegal ways, which is mainly reflected in the vehicle models in public areas such as taxis, buses, freight cars, sanitation garbage trucks, etc. At the same time, there is a lack of scrap management norms for new energy vehicles in our country.

There are some differences in the power system and use mode of new energy vehicles and traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles. If the power battery is hot and invalid after extended service, it is easy to cause safety production accidents. The current standard "compulsory scrapping standard for motor vehicles" does not set the scrapping situation of new energy vehicles, so it is urgent to carry out the revision of adaptability.

(II) electric vehicle recycling management system level

Damaged new energy vehicles are still mainly recycled by qualified electric vehicle recycling and dismantling companies, which are constrained by the inability to grasp the source of scrapped vehicles, insufficient power battery disassembly and assembly technology, weak driving force for business transformation, etc. At present, the recycling management system cannot meet the requirements of centralized treatment of solid waste in a society of large-scale decommissioning. At the same time, the enthusiasm of manufacturing enterprises to participate is not enough. In China, operators are obliged to broaden the rules and regulations and relevant management methods, policies and regulations are not perfect. Automobile manufacturing enterprises open to the outside world and publish the information content of electric vehicle recycling and dismantling technology. There are no mandatory management methods, policies and regulations for participating in recycling and dismantling. Therefore, the advantages of whole vehicle design, R & D, production and manufacturing technology can not be applied to the middle and downstream recycling stage, this has resulted in a slow increase in the level of recycling of electric vehicles.

(III) technology development trend level

Unlike traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles, the power battery of new energy vehicles has a high-voltage line of 300-900V, the lithium battery core contains heavy metals such as nickel, cobalt and manganese that exceed the standard, and there are many refrigerated liquids in the system, which can easily cause air pollution if damaged and leaked. The disassembly of the new energy vehicle body focuses on the environmental protection and pollution-free disassembly and assembly of the power battery. At this stage, the vast majority of electric vehicle recycling and dismantling companies do not have special places, equipment and technical staff to disassemble and assemble power batteries, do not grasp the standardized disassembly and assembly technology, and the field is in the initial stage of upgrading technical skills.

Continuously improve the industry company's electric vehicle recycling and dismantling capacity quality.

The level of technical weapons and equipment is the basic support for the development of the electric vehicle recycling and dismantling industry. It is proposed to use the technical location advantages of new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprises and leading recycling and dismantling companies. Government departments or relevant organizations actively build a learning platform, and theory and guidance teaching are closely integrated, and the specific content of the current technology will be replicated and promoted nationwide as soon as possible. It can not only be dismantled, but also need to sort out favorable work experience and generate international promotion. At the same time, China and local governments have given appropriate application to the research and development of professional equipment for recycling and dismantling of electric vehicles, technological upgrading and other aspects in tackling key scientific and technological problems, so as to continuously improve the level of technical weapons and equipment to meet the diversified types of new energy vehicles and the disassembly and assembly management of rechargeable battery management system.


This scientific research expounds the comprehensive promotion of new energy vehicles in China, taking this as the basic, combs and summarizes the management system of the recovery and application of damaged electric vehicles, the prediction and analysis of the scale of future retired operations, the current policy overview of management methods and other aspects, and analyzes the problems of government supervision, recovery and technology in the field of damage and recovery of new energy vehicles, to match the business policy and technology to improve the level of clearly put forward to fill the short board, to seek development of the relevant proposals.

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