Recycling Status and Suggestions of Electric Vehicles

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2023-01-09 10:21

From the electric vehicle recycling management system, the total number of recycling and dismantling enterprises in China is gradually increasing. So far, there are 732 qualified scrapped motor vehicle recycling and dismantling enterprises in China, which are mainly reflected in Hunan, Fujian, Sichuan, Henan and other areas with large car ownership. Compared with the total number of retired traditional gasoline and diesel motor vehicles, the scale of retired operation of new energy electric vehicles is still relatively small at this stage. The vast majority of recycling and dismantling enterprises still focus on recycling and dismantling traditional gasoline and diesel motor vehicles, and carry out corresponding technical equipment. Reasonable layout and accumulation.

Generally speaking, the research on the key technology of dismantling damaged new energy vehicles in China is still in the initial stage, the technology of electric vehicle recycling and dismantling has not been popularized in the whole industry, and the total number of enterprises with dismantling strength in China is very small.

However, there are already companies with cutting-edge technology that are vigorously developing the new energy vehicle dismantling business process, taking into account the establishment of a full industry chain for the recycling and utilization of power batteries. The innovative level of recycling and dismantling of reserve electric vehicles constitutes a large-scale dismantling of new energy vehicles. The production capacity has accumulated a lot of social experience in power battery disassembly and assembly equipment, machinery and equipment, technology and management. Generally speaking, the whole industrial chain of the recycling and dismantling of damaged electric vehicles has gradually been completed from qualified recycling and dismantling enterprises to the later development and utilization enterprises. The big difference from the recycling and utilization of traditional gasoline and diesel motor vehicles lies in how to implement the disassembly, assembly and development and utilization of power batteries in an environmentally friendly way without pollution and greater benefits.

Electric Vehicle Recycling Management Method Current Policy

Overview of current policies on (I) management approach

The state's supervision of the field of new energy vehicle recycling is basically implemented under the current standard management method system architecture. Since 2001, our country has formulated and implemented administrative regulations with professional management methods for vehicle scrapping and recycling-"Management Measures for Scrapped Vehicle Recycling" (State Council Order No. 307), and implemented business license management methods for this industry. Enterprises can carry out the theme activities of scrapped motor vehicle recycling and dismantling. In order to adapt to the development situation of the automobile industry, the competent authority revised the 307 order and issued the "Administrative Measures for the Recycling of Scrapped Motor Vehicles" (State Council Order No. 715) in May 2019.

The 715 order is once again the top-level design document of China's electric vehicle recycling management method system, which once again establishes the qualification identification rules and regulations, perfects them, and optimizes the application process. Allow the purchase price of used cars to be independently negotiated by the sales market; Further strengthen the safety and environmental protection management conditions, etc.

In order to thoroughly implement the 715 order, the competent authority has revised the national industry standard "Technical Specification for Scrapped Motor Vehicle Recycling and Dismantling Enterprises (GB22128)" according to the enterprise capital construction operation management center, standardizing the site selection and production capacity regulations for newly added enterprise construction projects, facility regulations, relevant requirements for dismantling new energy electric vehicles, and environmental protection regulations for strengthening site construction and facilities, which have been approved for publication in December 2019 and implemented from the date of promulgation.

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