What is the use of waste oil recycling?

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2023-02-08 09:32

What is the use of waste oil recycling?

Waste oil recycling has a good use in pig farms: in fact, in pig farms, waste oil is used to treat common skin diseases, ulcers or bites! In many cases, the pig's body or tail is bitten by a companion, accompanied by a large amount of bleeding. At this time, other pigs will follow to bite it, which will cause the pig's body or tail to fester on a large area. Therefore, when a pig is bitten, you must pay attention to the body or tail that is bitten, take corresponding care measures, and apply waste oil on the pig's wound is a good way! You know, the smell of waste oil is terrible. If you put waste oil on a pig's wound, other pigs will not continue to bite the injured pig due to the stench of waste oil. In addition, when pigs raised in pig farms have fungal or bacterial parasitic skin diseases, it is also very good to apply waste oil! If the pigs in the pig farm have rotten hoofs or rotten hoofs, waste oil and plant ash can be used, and the effect is also very good. Generally, it can be effective in about a week.

Waste engine oil can be recycled into industrial oil: engine oil itself is an organic substance with strong viscosity. Although it is waste oil, its adhesion still exists. Therefore, waste engine oil can be used for some large machinery. In addition, after precipitation, distillation, pickling, alkali neutralization, water washing, clay adsorption, filtration and other processes, waste engine oil can also be turned into the same national standard No. 30 engine oil as new engine oil! This machine oil, which has been processed many times, can be directly used in industry. You should know that pumps in many factories are filled with this oil.

Waste oil recycling can maintain the chain: In fact, waste oil can also be used in places where lubrication requirements are not particularly high, such as bicycle chains, motorcycle chains and metal hinges of large instruments. Smear with waste oil to prevent rust and lubrication! The used engine oil can be used as a fuel The used engine oil can be used as a fuel, for example, burned in a boiler or ceramic. Nowadays, there are many waste oil heating furnaces on the market. They are good things to keep warm in winter. They are both economical and affordable. This furnace uses waste oil as fuel!

Waste oil recycling can be used to drive away ants: people in some places raise bees and put their beehives on rocks, very close to the ground, so it is easy to attract some ants. When the waste oil is brushed at the bottom of the honeycomb, the ants will not continue to approach after smelling the waste oil, and it also has the function of anti-corrosion and moisture-proof. Of course, it has no effect on bees! Used engine oil is treated and recycled

Some people may say that waste oil has another use, that is, it is collected by some irregular small companies. Through a series of procedures, it will reappear on the market and pretend to be good oil for sale! For example, it can be sold online, or it can be sold to some small gas stations for huge rewards! There is no denying that this situation does exist. Lured by interests, many waste oils will be informally recycled.

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