What is the role of waste oil recycling?

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2023-02-18 09:21

What is the role of waste oil recycling?

As we all know, according to national regulations, motor vehicles are maintained every 5,000 kilometers on average. And, of course, 7500 or 10000 kilometers. After our vehicle is repaired, the waste oil produced is almost 4 liters. Occasionally, some large displacement vehicles are 5 liters, or even 6 liters. Even if a car is 4 liters, after thousands of car maintenance every year, the amount of waste oil is very considerable. So, what is waste oil? Why is it so profitable to recycle waste oil? What is the role of recycling waste oil?

Today, let's take a look at waste oil and see what secrets are hidden behind the recycling of waste oil!

What is waste oil? The so-called "waste oil" usually refers to the mixing of water, dust, other miscellaneous oil or metal powder and other impurities produced by the wear of machine parts during use, resulting in black oil and increased viscosity! For example, the oil we replace when repairing cars and the lubricating oil used on equipment are all waste oil. Of course, some engine oils deteriorate due to improper storage, producing organic acids, resins and asphalt-like substances, also known as waste engine oil!

What is the role of waste oil recycling?

1. Waste engine oil is recycled to be refined into diesel: In fact, the recycled waste engine oil can be refined into diesel or gasoline through a series of processes! The main process is dehydration and impurity removal, and then complete cracking under the action of catalyst and high temperature. The next step is acid-base refining and clay refining. Distillation to obtain the corresponding product for recovery. Although the cetane number of diesel oil extracted from waste engine oil can reach 40, due to its heavy distillate and smelly taste, it generally needs to be deodorized before normal use!

2. Used engine oil can be used as raw material for mold release agent: Nowadays, many chemical plants use waste oil as raw material for mold release agent, and its production process is very simple! Only diesel, waste engine oil, vegetable oil, liquid paraffin, aromatic hydrocarbons and preservatives need to be mixed in a certain proportion. Then stir well for 10-20 minutes until all the substances are evenly mixed to make an effect release agent. The mold release agent prepared by this method is particularly suitable for mold release between foamed concrete and metal molds. At present, it is widely used in the production of lightweight partition panels and steam-free blocks!

3. Waste engine oil recovery can be directly used as a release agent: In fact, waste engine oil can be used not only as a raw material for a release agent, but also as a simple release agent. If you are a construction worker, you should know that waste oil is present on the construction site as a concrete release agent! It can not only prevent concrete from sticking to the construction template, but also play a certain role in rust prevention and corrosion prevention.

4. Waste oil kills some plants: motor oil is a good thing. Even waste oil is of great use. It can kill bamboo or big trees, the effect is very good! As we all know, bamboo root system is developed, strong growth ability, fast propagation speed, generally through the underground creeping rhizome into a piece of growth. While undertaking nutrient storage and transportation, it also undertakes the important task of reproduction. However, once the bamboo growing near the farmland is out of control, the root system of bamboo will spread wantonly, easily damage the surrounding farmland, and seriously affect the growth of crops. Therefore, we should take effective measures to eliminate bamboo! Because the soil environment in which bamboo lives is alkaline, the principle of acid-base neutralization can be used to eradicate bamboo. We need to spread the waste oil on the soil around the bamboo. By changing the texture of the soil, we can destroy the living environment of the bamboo and make it die completely.

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