Taili Battery Recycling Company Attends "Green Manufacturing Low Carbon Longhua" 2017 Energy Saving Promotion Month for Industrial and Commercial Enterprises

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2017-11-25 00:00

"We want both gold and silver mountains and green mountains". On the 11.3, the launching ceremony of 2017 Longhua district energy-saving publicity month with the theme of "green manufacturing low-carbon Longhua" was held in yuesang square. Shenzhen teli waste battery recycling technology co., ltd. was invited to attend and set up a publicity booth as a representative of "green low-carbon circular economy" enterprises to explain the harm caused by waste batteries to people and the environment and the small knowledge of waste battery storage management to the participating enterprise representatives and environmental protection enthusiasts, the classification of batteries and the harmful substances in used batteries, etc., publicize the methods of scientific disposal of used batteries, and call on enterprises and individuals to actively recycle used batteries, and properly dispose of all kinds of used batteries in enterprises and homes.

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