Leaders of Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau, Legal Affairs Office and many environmental protection experts came to Taili Company to guide the work.

Release time:

2014-06-12 02:18

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 29, 2014, relevant leaders of the garbage sorting center of Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau and leaders of Shenzhen Legal Affairs Office, together with senior environmental protection experts, came to the headquarters of Taili Company in Chongqing Road, Fuyong, Shenzhen. Zhang Zong reported the situation of Taili Company and the current situation of waste battery recycling from non-industrial sources to relevant leaders. At the same time, he conducted in-depth exchanges on the specific operation of waste battery recycling for Shenzhen residents. The meeting lasted for nearly 3 hours, in-depth, efficient, targeted communication in the end. The leaders of the Legislative Affairs Office put forward the direction of the government's future legislation on the current situation of recycling waste batteries from industrial sources and non-industrial sources. Subsequently, the leaders and experts, under the leadership of Zhang Zong, inspected the recycling line of used batteries and the professional storage of used batteries in Taili Company. As a company specializing in recycling used batteries, Taili's professional ability has been unanimously recognized and praised by the inspection leaders.


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