Taili company won the title of "green small and medium-sized enterprise influence model"

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2013-06-06 17:12

On June 6, the award ceremony of the second green small and medium-sized enterprise influence model activity was held in Beijing, and Taili Company was invited to participate as an award-winning enterprise. The event is co-sponsored by the Industrial and Information Information Information Center, Dao and the Institute of Environment and Development, and Sina Environmental Protection Channel. It is currently the only public welfare event for green small and medium-sized enterprises in China. It aims to commend excellence and demonstrate the influence of green small and medium-sized enterprises.


It is understood that since the second green SME influence model activity, which lasted for half a year, was launched in November 2012, it has received active participation from more than 100 enterprises across the country. After a comprehensive assessment of the influence of enterprises from the economic, environmental and social levels, 10 model enterprises and 5 potential model enterprises were finally selected.

With its excellent performance in enterprise development strategy, technological innovation, economic performance, environmental benefits and social benefits, Taili waste battery recycling Technology Co., Ltd. was finally selected into the list of influential model enterprises. Experts said in their comments on Taili: What kind of recycling network is needed to recycle hundreds of millions of used batteries? What kind of dismantling technology and process is needed for direct or indirect exposure to heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury, which are harmful to humans and the environment? There are more than 2000 famous battery manufacturers in China. And how many formal waste battery recycling companies? Dare to face such challenges, Shenzhen Taili Company is a company worthy of the admiration and support of the whole society. Companies like Shenzhen Taili must be bigger and stronger. Otherwise, it is only to make China's battery industry smaller and smaller. The two must be one.


On the same day, Zhang Yongxiang, general manager of the company, received the award on behalf of the company, and in his speech, he called on everyone to support the development of Taili Company. For the disposal and collection of waste batteries, environmental protection and environmental protection, it has always been the purpose of Taili Company's development. "Green China Dream" has always been the goal pursued by Taili Company.

Tili-Green Influence Model Enterprise

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