2013 "National Science and Technology Week" in Bao'an District of Shenzhen City"

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2013-05-17 17:14

With the theme of "Science and Technology Innovation and a better Life", a series of theme science and technology activities and science and technology products fair activities of "National Science and Technology activity week, disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day and Food Safety Science popularization week" in Baoan District in 2013 were carried out. highlight the activity characteristics of "saving energy and resources, protecting the ecological environment, ensuring safety and health, promoting innovation and creation, and building a happy Guangdong.




Activity content and form

Centering on the theme of "Science and Technology Innovation and a better Life", this year's Science and Technology week focuses on the following four aspects: first, by displaying major scientific and technological achievements that boost national confidence, support economic development, and promote the improvement of people's livelihood, promote public understanding and support scientific and technological innovation; second, for hot issues closely related to people's lives, such as food safety, ecological environmental protection, emergency avoidance, low-carbon energy conservation, and healthy life, popularize scientific and technological knowledge and enhance scientific and technological awareness; the third is to mobilize high-level scientific and technological personnel to carry out popular science activities, organize high-end scientific and technological resources to open to the society, so that the public, especially young people, can experience scientific and technological activities and stimulate interest in innovation and creation; the fourth is to launch a number of film and television dramas, Animation games, popular science books, exhibition supplies and other popular science products, enhance the fun and promote the development of popular science.

In the form of activities to strive for innovation, highlighting the novelty, interaction and effectiveness. On the basis of summarizing and improving the existing effective and lively forms of activities, this year we will further shift the focus of scientific and technological activities to serve the grassroots; further enhance the interest and scientific nature of the activities, and attract public participation; further play the role of television networks and other media in communication to expand the audience and influence. All localities and departments should focus on the scientific and technological needs closely related to the lives of the people, highlight regional characteristics and industry advantages, and organize and carry out a variety of mass scientific and technological activities.

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