CIBF2012 Technical Exchange Meeting-Current Situation and Development Trend of Waste Battery Recycling and Reuse

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2012-06-26 17:21

Zhang Yongxiang of Taili Company described the current situation and development trend of recycling and reuse of used batteries at this technical exchange meeting. At present, the domestic lithium battery industry is booming and growing like mushrooms after a spring rain. All the speakers attending the speech are complacent about explaining their new high-tech products. But who knows that paying attention to these batteries will cause serious harm to our environment after they are scrapped! In this technical exchange meeting, Zhang Yongxiang was the only one to explain how to recycle scrapped batteries. How to deal with and recycle waste batteries without secondary pollution; How to recycle precious metals from waste batteries is not only environmentally friendly but also saves the earth's resources, which is highly valued by the leaders of the main committee of the conference and the guests present.

Battery recycling is a thing that benefits the country and the people, but battery recycling also faces many "embarrassing" technical problems in battery recycling and post-processing, policy issues, and imperfect industry systems. Zhang Yongxiang has his own unique views and suggestions, and As one of the industry's pioneers, it also has huge advantages in technology and processing methods. Zhang Yongxiang said: "In terms of battery treatment technology, we adopt safe, reasonable and environmentally friendly treatment processes and methods (roasting method, extraction method), and there is absolutely no secondary pollution. First of all, we classify the recycled waste batteries according to their chemical composition. Ni-MH Ni-Cd batteries are a set of treatment processes, lithium-ion batteries are a set of treatment processes, lead-acid batteries are a set of treatment processes, and alkaline batteries are a set of treatment processes. At the end of each process, the raw materials necessary for batteries and nickel hydroxide, lithium cobaltate, lead oxide, graphite powder, etc. are extracted, achieving zero emission treatment of waste batteries and energy recycling."

CIBF2012 技术交流会——废旧电池再循环与再利用的现状和发展趋势

CIBF2012 技术交流会——废旧电池再循环与再利用的现状和发展趋势

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