Poison in Life: Metal Jewelry May Contain Radiation

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2016-02-19 17:33


Studies have shown that metal jewelry contains harmful radioactive elements

[EP Environmental Protection Network Comprehensive Report] Wearing jewelry is one of the cultures that human beings have had since ancient times. The materials of jewelry have also developed from bones to jade, gold and silver, crystal, pearls, etc. However, beautiful jewelry can sometimes bring you not only beauty but also harm. Today, EP Environmental Protection Network will take you to understand the hidden hazards in different jewelry.

precious metal jewelry precious radioactive objects

Metal jewelry is the most common, gold and silver jewelry belong to this category, but there have long been studies that metal jewelry contains harmful radioactive elements. For example, a health and quarantine agency in New York conducted a test on thousands of gold jewelry, which showed that more than 70 gold jewelry contained radioactive elements, mainly polonium, cobalt, radium, etc., which are all associated with gold mines. If the skin comes into contact with gold jewelry with radioactive elements, it is easy to cause jewelry disease, serious cases can even cause radioactive cancer.

In addition, gold-plated and silver-plated jewelry will release nickel to varying degrees during use, especially earrings and earrings, because it will cause epidermal damage when wearing earlobes, and the risk of allergies will increase. So the choice of jewelry should avoid nickel plated silver, chromium, at the same time on the allergic constitution, especially the scar constitution or children. Do not wear metal jewelry.

The transformation of the crystal and jade "poison" is not small

In recent years, crystal jewelry has been welcomed by more and more people. However, in order to make more money, some businesses often use dyeing, heating, radiation and other methods to change color and remove impurities from crystals of color difference and quality. So after radiation in the crystal, the radioactive elements continue to decay, will wear crystal health hazards.

In addition to crystal, jade products are also loved by people. However, some merchants use hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other strong acids to imitate the old jade's ancient Qin color, and then coat the surface of the fake jade with a layer of floor paint, crystal paint or epoxy resin. The acid solution used for dyeing may damage the skin of the body after fading. Coupled with the action of resin substances and strong acid, the body will suffer from contact dermatitis after contact, and symptoms such as redness, tingling, itching and peeling will appear.

Reduce the harm of jewelry from health habits

To avoid jewelry harm to the body, in addition to carefully selecting jewelry, it is also necessary to develop good health habits. For example, pay attention to jewelry hygiene, reduce bacterial infection, and often wipe with a clean soft cloth; it is not easy to wear for too long, and it should be done in bathing, sleeping, and lunch breaks to avoid scratching the skin and causing infection.

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