Because some compounds of mercury have a rapid whitening beauty effect, so many cosmetics will contain mercury

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2016-02-19 17:34


Because some compounds of mercury have a rapid whitening beauty effect, so many cosmetics will contain mercury

[EP Environmental Protection Network Comprehensive Report] Mercury is a toxic liquid metal, which is well known, so adults always keep their children away from the thermometer, lest they break the thermometer and encounter mercury commonly known as mercury. But many people don't know that even if you are far away from the thermometer, you may not be able to leave the mercury poison. The mercury poison may even be hidden in your body or even your mouth.

Whitening cosmetics-let mercury poison climb on your face

Because some compounds of mercury have a rapid whitening beauty effect, so many cosmetics will contain mercury, especially some whitening and freckle products in mercury compounds can make the skin color temporarily "bleached", resulting in the illusion of delicate white. This is mainly due to the replacement of the anion of the mercury ion tyrosinase enzyme to lose the activity of the enzyme, melanin temporarily can not be generated, so to achieve the effect of rapid whitening freckle.

However, experts pointed out that the whitening and freckle effects of these products are temporary. Once the cosmetics are stopped, the spots will repeat and cause greater damage to the skin. Because mercury cannot be discharged naturally after entering the human body, long-term use of mercury-containing cosmetics will cause chronic poisoning and cause serious harm to the human body's nerves, digestive tract, and urinary system.

Silver amalgam fillings-allowing mercury poison to enter directly

Silver amalgam is an alloy dental filling material composed of mercury and other metals (silver, copper, tin and zinc). It has been used as a dental restoration material for more than 150 years. Nevertheless, because of the mercury content in silver amalgam, people have been worried about the potential health hazards of inhaling and absorbing mercury vapor from silver amalgam for nearly a century.

Adverse events related to silver amalgam in dental applications are also often reported. For example, it has been reported that some patients have oral mucosa and skin allergic reactions after filling silver amalgam for 2-4 hours, and symptoms such as itching of limbs and red and swollen gums appear. However, there are also studies that deny that many of the cases cannot be attributed to the increase in mercury released and absorbed by silver amalgam.

However, it should be noted that when filling teeth, if the body feels uncomfortable after using silver amalgam material, especially for people with allergic constitution, it should be considered whether it is caused by contact with silver amalgam alloy. If contact allergy is diagnosed, other filling materials should be used immediately.

Pay attention to the details of life away from mercury poison

The harm of mercury to the human body mainly involves the central nervous system, digestive system and kidneys. In addition, it also has a certain impact on the respiratory system, skin, blood and eyes, so pay attention to the harm of mercury in life.

In addition to cosmetics and dental materials may make mercury poison directly affect the human body, there are many well-known daily necessities of mercury can have an impact on the environment and the human body. For example, a T12 fluorescent lamp with a diameter of 36mm contains 25~42mg of mercury; a T5 fluorescent lamp with a diameter of 16mm contains about 20mg of mercury. Once the fluorescent lamp is damaged, please do not throw it in the garbage, or only after a simple landfill or incineration, these pollutants eventually enter the living environment of human beings, seriously pollute the soil and underground water sources, and chronically poison human health.

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