Poison in life: high frequency use of hair gel by pregnant women affects the fetal body

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2016-02-19 17:36


Hair spray contains now the most fashionable additive "plasticizer"

[EP Environmental Protection Network Comprehensive Report] A small hairspray can destroy the ozone layer? And it also contains the most fashionable additive "plasticizer"? It sounds a bit incredible, but the editor of EP Environmental Protection Network tells you that this is true.

hair spray propellant -- ozone layer killer:

Many years ago, the world had criticized Freon, the refrigerant in the refrigerator, because it became the culprit of the earth's ozone layer loophole. After people learned the truth, they began to vigorously promote fluorine-free refrigerators. After investigation, it was found that not many people knew that this ozone-destroying substance existed in the hair spray at the same time.

There is an ingredient called propellant in hair spray, the main ingredient is Freon, and most consumers and stylists who use hair spray know nothing about it, but with the deepening of understanding, the manufacturers of hair spray began to gradually use another substance instead of Freon, this ingredient is called CFCs.

After inquiry, the editor learned that CFCs (full English name Chloro-fluoron-carbon), which replaces early freon, is the English abbreviation of chlorofluorocarbon, which was invented in the early 1930 s and began to be used as a man-made hydrocarbon chemical containing chlorine and fluorine elements. However, this substitute does not solve the problem of ozone destruction: it is very stable on the surface of the earth, but once it jumps to an altitude of 15 to 50 kilometers from the surface of the earth, it will also destroy the ozone layer. In this way, the ozone in the ozone layer is consumed more and more, the ozone layer becomes thinner and thinner, and even a hole in the ozone layer appears in a local area such as over the Antarctic.

Hair spray solvent-originally "plasticizer"

Hair spray can affect the atmosphere, and it also has great destructive power to the human body, mainly solvents and propellants, and these two components account for a large proportion of the hair spray.

Butanol in hair gel solvent is colorless and tasteless. It is mainly used to make phthalic acid, aliphatic dibasic acid and n-butyl ester plasticizer of phosphoric acid. If you pay a little attention to the recent food safety time in Taiwan, you will know that phthalic acid and plasticizer are the words that have been talked about most recently-plasticizer. The harm to human body is mainly toxic to male reproductive system. As a raw material for the production of plasticizers, butanol has stimulating and anesthetic effects and is very harmful to the body.

Denatured alcohol, which is also a solvent, contains methanol, that is, industrial alcohol, which is toxic. At the same time, the melting point is very low, and the propellant also contains flammable substances. Therefore, once the hair gel is close to the fire source, it will burn quickly. On March 22, 2000, a German woman in her 50 s smoked while spraying the hair gel, causing the hair gel to spray out fire dragon, causing severe burns on her head, neck, chest and hands, and eventually died.

There are also some substances in the hair spray that will affect the human respiratory tract to varying degrees. In severe cases, it will also inhibit the central nervous system, and long-term exposure may cause suffocation.

The latest study found that after women use hair gel at a high frequency, their children are more likely to suffer from urethral diseases, which is about twice as likely as that of children born to pregnancy in an ordinary environment. The reason is that pregnant women have a high body load and respiratory rate during pregnancy, and inhaled more of these solvents and propulsion doses, which will directly affect the fetus with blood circulation. The study aims to encourage European countries to label cosmetic products to warn women who are about to be mothers that it is best to use less hair spray, not only to protect the safety of the fetus and themselves, but also to contribute to the earth's environment. (Summer rain)

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