Poison in life: chemical fiber sheets contain formaldehyde to stimulate the respiratory tract contains formaldehyde to stimulate the respiratory tract

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2012-05-02 17:37


Chemical fiber sheets contain formaldehyde, and bedding contains azo dyes.

[EP Environmental Protection Network Comprehensive Report] Bedding has always been the closest thing to us in our home life, but many people don't know that you may sleep on toxins when you fall asleep. For example, chemical fiber bed sheets contain formaldehyde and bedding contains azo dyes. The editor of EP Environmental Protection Network will tell you about these poisons sleeping around us here.

Formaldehyde jumped into bed and became uneasy to sleep.

The word formaldehyde is almost grinding out everyone's ears, but most people know formaldehyde in the home, but few people associate formaldehyde with bedding. In fact, some inferior fiber sheets also contain formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde used in bedding has two main functions, one is anti-wrinkle, because cotton sheets are prone to wrinkle, formaldehyde molecules combine with cotton molecules at high temperatures to produce anti-wrinkle effect; the second function is to fix color, formaldehyde added to the fiber can prevent the sheets from fading and keep the color of the sheets.

Generally, if you find that the newly bought sheets have a pungent smell, then there is formaldehyde in them. Formaldehyde can be volatile, can stimulate the skin and respiratory tract, or a carcinogen, prolonged exposure may lead to nasal cancer, skin cancer and other diseases.

"Hidden Murder" under Beautiful Printing"

In addition to formaldehyde, inferior bedding and a dangerous goods have a more gorgeous appearance, dangerous goods called azo, camouflage is people's favorite variety of colors.

Azo dyes are one of the most widely used synthetic dyes in the printing and dyeing process and are used in the dyeing and printing of a variety of synthetic fibers. Although the azo dye is a good dyeing and printing material, but in special circumstances, it can be decomposed to produce more than 20 kinds of carcinogenic aromatic amines, after activation to change the body's DNA structure caused by lesions and induced cancer. Therefore, the use of this dye in bedding is prohibited, but some unscrupulous businesses in order to achieve the aesthetic effect of confusing people sometimes add this dye. After this dye comes into contact with the human body, it enters the human body through the skin, and can generate carcinogens-aromatic amine compounds through a reduction reaction, which directly causes harm to the human body.

Learn to choose, use it at ease, sleep at ease

Bedding is closely related to our life, only the choice of safe and reliable bedding will let us rest at ease. Not to say that wrinkled and faded sheets are not good sheets, often such sheets do not contain formaldehyde, which is more conducive to our health. When buying, it is best to choose some cotton, which is comfortable and healthy. In addition, when purchasing bedding, we must pay attention to its PH value, because excessive PH value will cause inflammation such as skin itching, which is more harmful to people with sensitive skin. At present, the PH value of textiles is limited to 4.0-7.5, so pay more attention to it when purchasing. (Wang Ning)

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