Poison in life: Shoe polish emits irritating odor that damages the nervous system

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2012-04-21 17:38


Nitrobenzene, which makes shoe polish emit a pungent odor, is a toxin that can damage the body's central nervous system.

[EP Environmental Protection Network Comprehensive Report] Shoe polish is the most commonly used thing at home. Although everyone knows that shoe polish is accumulated by chemicals, and they will smell pungent smell when used, but as for the toxin of shoe polish, it is not very clear how big it is. In fact, nitrobenzene, which makes shoe polish emit a stimulating smell, is a toxin that can damage the body's central nervous system. Today, EP Environmental Protection Network Xiaobian told everyone about the poison in shoe polish.

Nitrobenzene-the necessary "poison" in shoe polish"

The main components of shoe polish are brighteners, organic solvents, dyes, lubricants, preservatives, spices and other additives. We are going to say that nitrobenzene is an organic compound, also known as bitter spot oil, bitter almond oil, because of its chemical properties are lively, easy to be reduced, so it is usually used in dye intermediates, and dyes are indispensable in shoe polish color Raw materials, so the shoe polish we use contains this substance.

At the same time, nitrobenzene is a super toxic chemical raw materials, nitrobenzene poisoning has three ways, inhalation, ingestion, absorption through the skin. That is to say, when using shoe polish daily, the pungent smell floating out and the shoe polish accidentally touching the skin will make nitrobenzene toxin invade the human body. Light will make people feel dizzy, nausea, heavy will endanger life and health. Because nitrobenzene is accidentally inhaled into the human body, the intermediate substance produced by transformation can reduce the reduced glutathione that maintains the normal function of the cell membrane, thus causing the rupture of red blood cells and hemolysis. It can also directly act on liver parenchymal lesions caused by liver cells, causing toxic liver disease, and in severe cases, subacute liver necrosis can occur.

Generally speaking, the daily use of shoe polish in the family will not cause serious nitrobenzene poisoning, but the poison produced by nitrobenzene is harmful to pregnant women and children. The mild ones cause dizziness and coma, and the severe ones can cause fetal malformation, growth retardation, or cause The fetus is carcinogenic, or the fetus is not intelligent, or abortion. Therefore, pregnant women must stay away from it as far as possible, and also be careful not to let their children eat it by mistake.

Correct use of shoe polish to change the maintenance is also very good

Although nitrobenzene has raised the risk factor of shoe polish very high, as long as it is used scientifically in life, it will not have too much impact on the human body. For example, the time for polishing shoes should be shortened as much as possible, not more than 3 minutes at a time; don't save leather shoes to polish together; don't be too close to leather shoes when polishing, it is best to wear a mask.

The choice of shoe polish is also very important. Although ordinary consumers cannot use testing instruments to see the quality, at least the trademark is clear, the package is not broken, the obvious smell is not heard when it is not opened, and the shoe polish does not overflow after opening the cover. Such shoe polish is relatively reliable.

In addition, if you don't like the taste of shoe polish, you can also use other methods to maintain leather shoes. For example, with a natural maintenance method: dip a few drops of olive oil in a clean and soft cotton cloth, apply it on the shoes, place it for a few minutes, and then wipe it clean. The leather shoes will also be quite shiny, and the composition of olive oil can also give leather shoes beneficial maintenance. (Wang Ning)

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