Poison in life: long-term use of nail polish may damage the nervous system

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2012-04-21 17:39


It is best to apply nail polish in a ventilated room, otherwise it may cause dizziness

[EP Environmental Protection Network Integrated] "It is best to apply nail polish in a ventilated room, otherwise it may cause dizziness." Have you noticed this sentence on the nail polish package for the girls who paint their nails with beautiful colors? No. Nowadays, there are more and more types of nail polish, but few people know that the ingredients of nail polish are almost all toxic, from the recently notorious plasticizer to the terms such as formaldehyde and benzene that everyone learned from furniture pollution. There are also Sudan red, which was famous a few years ago, and all of the beautiful nail polish. Today, EP Environmental Protection Network Xiaobian talks to you about nail polish.

A variety of harmful substances oligomer nail polish

Ordinary nail polish components are mainly two types, one is solvent, the other is solid ingredients, these two types are not good things.


The solvent in nail polish mainly refers to lipids, ketones, benzene and alcohol ethers, which are volatile, irritating and toxic. In this way, we may not have any response. If translated into common words, it is like this: banana water, plasticizer, formaldehyde, benzene, etc.

The toxicity of these substances has been "learned" in other articles. For example, it can be known from home decoration that benzene and formaldehyde are carcinogens. In recent years, the figures of these two monarchs are often seen in the news of indoor air pollution. Exposed to the air, it is easy to spread. People and animals inhale or skin contact with a large amount of benzene into the body, which will cause acute and chronic poisoning, it is no wonder that the advice mentioned at the beginning of the article: "It is best to apply nail polish in a ventilated room, otherwise it may cause dizziness". Not to mention plasticizer, it has been said countless times recently.

In addition, the acetone in the solvent can make the nail polish dry quickly and keep it for a long time, but these ingredients are all dangerous chemicals. One of the major characteristics is that they are extremely volatile, flammable and explosive, which produce dazzling pungent smell when volatilizing, pollute the indoor air (their volume will expand 1000 times after volatilization), and can quickly make the harmful components in the indoor air exceed the standard, it is extremely harmful to people who live indoors for a long time.

solid composition]

The solid component includes pigment, glitter and the like.

Now nail polish is generally used artificial pigment, red nail polish is very beautiful and beautiful, but I don't know that Sudan red may be added, long-term exposure will have the risk of cancer. Even if high-grade nail polish uses natural pigments, harmful ingredients may be mixed in the manufacturing process, and the difficulty and cost of removal are very high, and manufacturers will not use it at all.

If you love beauty, don't try drugs by yourself every day, especially pregnant women, stay away from it.

If you think that nail polish can only cause indoor air pollution, you are wrong. Nail polish is applied to human nails, and the first person to be injured is of course the person himself.

Studies have found that long-term nail polish will cause the nails to change color, become brittle and weak, resulting in "nail art is not destroyed". The frequency of unintentionally broken nails has greatly increased, and experts specially remind that since most of the harmful ingredients in nail polish are soluble in grease, do not touch oily foods such as fried dough sticks and cakes with your hands after applying nail polish, otherwise it will "poison from the mouth".

In addition, medical experts pointed out that nail polish will also hinder the normal hormonal balance, leading to serious reproductive damage and other health problems, and even cause fetal lower limb dysplasia, the culprit or "plasticizer";

Other solvent components in the case of long-term inhalation, the nervous system may also be harmful, they also have a strong irritation to the mucosa. If there is a baby at home, exposure to such ingredients is more dangerous, so pregnant women are advised to stay away from nail polish. (Summer rain)

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