Wuhan is now the first circular consumption supermarket goods marked carbon emissions

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2012-04-21 17:40

Yesterday morning, Zhou Xiao, who lives in Dahua Community of Nanhu Lake in Wuchang, exchanged 4 batteries for a potted plant in the "3R Recycling Consumer Community Chain Supermarket. The country's first community supermarket with the theme of circular consumption made its debut in the two communities of Nanhu and Qingshan in Wuchang.

Author: Wei Na

According to reports, 3R is the beginning letter of the English words Reduce (reduction), Reuse (reuse) and Recycle (recycling). In this supermarket, community residents can send waste items for recycling, consignment second-hand goods here, and sell various low-carbon products in the supermarket.

In this 3R store, low-carbon products are dazzling, including energy-saving lamps, environmental protection bags, recycled paper, degradable tableware, bamboo charcoal fiber towels, etc. On the label of each product, in addition to the price, origin, and ingredients, there is another important item: carbon dioxide emissions.

According to reports, residents who buy, consignment and recycle goods in this supermarket can get corresponding points according to the "emission reduction". This kind of points is called "low-carbon points". The points realize the quantification, openness and transparency of residents' low-carbon behavior, and the points can be exchanged for low-carbon goods when they reach a certain amount.

It is reported that such 3R community supermarkets are expected to build 100-300 in major communities in Wuhan within 1-2 years.

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