[Golden Globe Award for High-level Workers] Taili: The average daily recovery of used batteries reaches more than 3 tons

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2019-10-08 09:39

The one who washes the sand is gold, and the winner is king. In order to encourage technological innovation and enhance the brand value of enterprises, and to look back and record the growth process of enterprises in China's new energy automobile industry chain and the major reform forces in the industry over the past year, the leader of supply chain resources and capital integration, high-tech lithium battery & electric vehicles, launched the 2018 high-tech golden globe award selection.
The theme of this year's selection is "Big Wave Rush Sand to See Gold". In this selection activity, Shenzhen Taili Waste Battery Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taili Company") will participate in the competition for "Employee Respected Enterprise of the Year" and "Annual Customer Trusted Product" and "Annual Technology Innovation Award" three awards.
Founded in 2007, Taili is a high-tech enterprise specializing in recycling and technology research and development of waste lithium-ion batteries, waste electric vehicle batteries, nickel batteries, disposable dry batteries, etc. The company is also one of the largest enterprises in the current domestic recycling scale and resource recycling capacity.
It is understood that Taili has two R & D centers and production bases in Shenzhen and Shangrao, Jiangxi. Among them, the company has more than 10,000 square meters of office area and waste battery transfer area in Longgang District, Shenzhen, and 50000 square meters of large-scale factory area in Shangrao, Jiangxi. The annual processing capacity of waste batteries is more than 3000 tons, and the recovery rate of recycled raw materials is 98.88.
Committed to building China's largest battery recycling platform, Taili has set up a benchmark banner in all aspects of talent, recycling network, certification system, and automated dismantling.
In terms of talents, the company has various relevant qualifications for the recycling of used batteries. Professional recycling team, wide market influence, recycling personnel have more than 5 years of experience in the new energy industry, and have a rich industry network foundation.
In terms of recycling network, the company has built an Internet Internet of Things recycling platform, which currently has 321.3 million recycling stores with an average daily recycling capacity of more than 3 tons. It is expected to increase to 250000 recycling stores in 2019, with an average daily recovery expected to reach 20 tons.
At the same time, Taili Company has established a recycling certification system. Through signing strategic cooperation with battery factories and new energy car factories, Taili Company has participated in the introduction of Taili recycling cycle logo from battery design, manufacturing and sales. After the battery service life is over, it can use Taili Company's professional recycling management team, Internet of Things recycling platform, and professional waste battery sorting and storage, advanced waste battery processing equipment helps battery manufacturers and new energy vehicle manufacturers to establish battery life cycle traceability system and waste battery recycling network.
In terms of dismantling scale, Taili's most advanced battery dismantling line, fully closed dry battery dismantling line, fully automated lithium battery dismantling line, semi-automatic electric vehicle power battery dismantling line.
In this year's Golden Globe Award, Taili's "Integrated Technology for Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Lithium-ion Battery Resources" will impact the "Annual Technology Innovation Award" award, and relevant patents have been obtained.
The integrated technology of comprehensive utilization of waste lithium-ion battery resources is a comprehensive and systematic solution to the problem of recycling waste lithium-ion batteries and realizes the cycle of waste lithium-ion batteries to battery materials. Compared with the mainstream technology products in the market, its technical indicators are in excellent condition.
The market competitiveness of this technology lies in the fact that it greatly reduces the production cost of the product, and the cost price of producing the ternary material nickel cobalt lithium manganate is 2/3 of the cost of producing output directly from the raw ore.
The lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide produced by the integrated technology of comprehensive utilization of waste lithium ion battery resources has the outstanding advantages of high energy density, good cycle performance, high voltage platform, good thermal stability, long cycle life, ideal crystal structure, small self-discharge, no memory effect and so on.
At present, the lithium nickel cobalt manganate produced by the company has also been well received by BYD, Guoxuan, Lishen, Delaneng and other well-known domestic power battery companies.

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