Power Battery: Analysis of Difficulties in Power Battery Recovery

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2021-04-15 11:23

In the current market, more and more waste power batteries,Power battery recyclingThe market is still developing slowly, and the formation of such a situation is not an empty wind. There are many reasons, mainly in the following aspects:

Technical Threshold Limits

No one can decidePower battery recyclingof the problem. For the recycling of power batteries, there are two methods, one is echelon use, and the other is dismantling and recycling. From a technical point of view, both methods have certain technical thresholds.

Battery model standards are not uniform

Stepwise use refers to retesting and screening recycled batteries and grouping them for energy storage, low-speed electric vehicles, and other areas where battery performance is less important. According to industry standards,Power battery recyclingThe capacity of the power battery has been reducedAbout 80% until the retirement time, although it is no longer suitable for cars, it can still be used in other ways to use waste heat, and there is a lot of room for use. However, when these batteries are reused, the electrochemical performance of the battery and the deterioration of the battery life are detected, and batteries with similar data are selected for assembly to ensure the consistency of the battery and the safety of the entire battery system.

But for a long time, the power battery of new energy vehicles has not yet produced a unified standard, resulting in a wide variety of power batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, then nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, and now ternary lithium batteries. How to unify these standards, different technical applications and structural characteristics, and the unification of battery classification are not simple things.

Difficulties in internal structure

capacity is significantly lower40% of power vehicle batteries will enter the dismantling and recycling management link. Theoretically, valuable metal structural elements such as nickel, cobalt, manganese and lithium salts can be analyzed from decommissioning.Power battery recyclingIn the manufacture of new batteries that are disassembled and can be effectively utilized through recycling.

Similar to echelon use, dismantling and recycling also have to face different brands and types of batteries.


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