About TELE

Enterprise culture

 Business philosophy: "sunshine dream, team sharing"

This is a sunrise industry and an environmental protection industry. Everyone hopes to live in a beautiful environment and space. The earth has given us an environment and space. It is created by ourselves, but it may also be destroyed by ourselves. Taili's team is a team dedicated to environmental protection, turning waste into treasure, and using our efforts to repay the society and our mother earth, this is the common ideal of the Tyrone people.


Enterprise spirit: "science and technology to create green life"

Recycling and processing waste batteries and recycling waste resources all need to rely on technology; to recycle waste batteries and environmental protection, we must rely on sophisticated science and technology, reasonable research and development direction, rigorous academic attitude, and use science and wisdom to restore life and rebuild green homes.


Enterprise tenet: "waste battery regeneration expert"

As an enterprise dedicated to the recycling economy of waste battery regeneration, Taili's lofty ideal and grand goal is to become an expert in waste battery regeneration in this industry, and to carry out the recycling of waste batteries to the end.