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Shenzhen Taili Waste Battery Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in power battery recycling, waste oil recycling, oil recycling, electric vehicle recycling, lithium battery recycling, etc. The company is committed to the development and output of overall solutions for all kinds of waste batteries, has the most cutting-edge R & D personnel in battery recycling technology, and has a waste battery recycling engineering technology R & D center and laboratory with national industry-university-research integration standards. The engineering technology R & D center has united a group of young scientists, actively carry out the recycling of waste battery resources and the research and development of environmental protection and safety technologies, and continue to make breakthroughs in the development of related technologies and equipment, and have been widely used in China, which has promoted the recycling of waste batteries to be scientific, environmentally friendly, automated, and safe. Development in the direction of chemical and intensive.