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Solving the worries of battery development

Solving the worries of battery development

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With the rapid development of electric vehicles, batteries, as one of the key and core components of electric vehicles, undoubtedly become the focus of attention of investment institutions and enterprises. Behind the vigorous development of power batteries, there are some people who are wholeheartedly engaged in an environmental protection business - battery recycling, which serves the general public.
Zhang Yongxiang, general manager of Shenzhen Taili Waste Battery Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., is one of them.
Zhang Yongxiang, who is optimistic by nature, told reporters: "In fact, this industry is not"lonely". There are so many battery manufacturers, electronic products manufacturers and consumers with us. How many batteries will be used in electronic products, electric cars, and even more used batteries. Electric vehicle manufacturer has solved the problem of zero emission, and we have solved the recycling and reuse of discarded batteries of electric vehicles. This is the actual meaning of zero pollution, completely realizing environmental protection.
When he first entered the battery recycling industry in 2007, Zhang Yongxiang sighed with emotion: "At that time, battery recycling was still a blank, but some second-hand mobile phone shops were recycling mobile phones and batteries, which they used to renovate and re-sell; battery enterprises piled up the abandoned batteries in warehouses, and the amount of stored in the past few years was very large; people in residential areas, put all kinds of waste electricity into storage. Pools are thrown together with household garbage; waste recycling stations are also taking down batteries in recycled electronic products. After accumulating a certain amount, they are confused about where to digest them."
The emergence of Taili has solved many problems caused by waste batteries in battery enterprises. First, it has made a lot of warehouse space, and secondly, it has made waste batteries become cash flow. With the development of electric vehicles and non-plug-in appliances, the market is expanding constantly. Promoting environmental protection is the first task. What makes Zhang Yongxiang's memory fresh is that those environmental volunteers have already begun to take action to recycle waste batteries in the community and then send them to Taili Company in person. This makes Zhang Yongxiang very moved: "Although these waste batteries have no value at all." But what they do cannot be measured by money."
Significant technical advantages
Battery recycling is a matter of national interest, but battery recycling also faces many "embarrassing" technical problems, policy issues, industry system is not perfect and other issues. Zhang Yongxiang has his own unique views and suggestions, and as one of the industry pioneers, has great advantages in technology and treatment methods.
Zhang Yongxiang said that in terms of battery recycling, there were many embarrassments. There were many individuals who did not have the recycling qualifications to recycle waste batteries, and private recycling of waste batteries. There was no special storage site which was prone to battery short circuit and fire.
Some battery companies sell waste batteries to whoever gives them high prices for the sake of profit, regardless of whether the other party has recycling qualifications or not. As a result, these waste batteries become accessories of some Shanzhai products on the market, which has an impact on market disorder. Taili company has a complete set of environmental recovery and treatment process, advanced treatment technology is in the leading position in China, professional recovery team and safe transportation, storage and disposal have greatly reduced the pollution of waste batteries.
Regarding the tremendous advantages of Taili Waste Battery Recycling Technology Company in treatment, Zhang Yongxiang said: "In battery treatment technology, we adopt safe, reasonable and environmentally friendly treatment processes and methods (roasting method, extraction method), absolutely no secondary pollution. Firstly, we classify recycled batteries according to their chemical composition. Nickel-hydrogen-nickel-cadmium batteries are a set of treatment processes, lithium-ion batteries are a set of treatment processes, lead-acid batteries are a set of treatment processes, and alkaline batteries are a set of treatment processes. At the end of each process, the necessary raw materials for batteries and nickel hydroxide, lithium cobalt oxide, lead oxide, graphite powder, etc. are extracted, so that waste batteries and energy recycling can be achieved by zero emission treatment.
It is understood that Taili has also co-founded scientific research laboratories with several universities. There are three patents for battery recycling and reuse invention, and two patents have been converted into large-scale production.
Be ready for the future
In 2011, the number of new energy vehicles will reach 500,000. In 2015, more than 1 million vehicles will be planned. As the recycling of waste batteries in its terminal industry, Taili has a very broad prospect. Faced with this huge market, Taili has its own specific plan and schedule.
In the interview, Zhang Yongxiang expressed to us his influence on the battery recycling industry with the development of new energy vehicles: "With the gradual expansion of electric products, power battery consumption has become the first battery consumption in the world. What we need to do is to expand the recycling capacity and improve the processing capacity. After three years, the processing capacity will reach 10,000 tons/year, and the recycling network will be more compact, striving to expand to the world's first battery consumption. Any part, and love to strengthen environmental protection education, so that environmental protection knowledge into the hearts of the people, forming a conscious habit, organizing professionals to enter major enterprises and schools for environmental protection knowledge lectures, so that more people support us, support us, our core competitiveness is to have these lovely environmental protection lovers, we can not do without them, the world can not do without them. "
What role should electric vehicles play in achieving zero pollution and recycling of used batteries? And how will Taili play such a role? Zhang Yongxiang gave an answer.